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David Morgan

David, Editor of the Silver Investor, started investing in the stock market well before turning 18 years of age. He then spent 4 1/2 years earning a degree in Engineering. Upon graduation became a an aircraft worker at Edwards Air Force Base - and then, once discharged, went to work as a private financial consultant after earning a masters degree in Economics/International Business. Seven years ago, Mr. Morgan put his life long study of free-market economics to work researching the economy, stock market behavior, precious metals, especially silver. Although very familiar with gold, Mr. Morgan believed that silver needed more exposure and would be utilized increasingly as technology continued to demand more and more of the metal. Mr. Morgan's interest in silver led him to publish the "The Morgan Report", a research report that has grown in popularity and is today seen as one of the pre-eminent reports on Free Market economics in the financial industry. Mr. Morgan has benefited from the bull market in commodities and metals: An overwhelming number of the companies outlined in his model portfolio is higher than the original recommendation.

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